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What we do

We help those not afraid to try something new, connect with their audience.

Brand Startegy & Development for marketing and advertising campaigns

Brand Strategy & Development

Building a successful brand isn’t easy. A connected brand is more than a logo, a color, a font, and a website. It’s the identifiable characteristics of how your company conducts business that make it different and captures the audience’s attention.

We take a holistic approach to crafting a platform that your audience will connect with. We give your brand purpose, meaning, and consistency in your communication. These efforts build trust in your brands messaging, which results in a relationship with your audience. Creating a brand that is nimble and adaptable will help you stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of today.

+ Brand Identity Development

+ Messaging & Positioning

+ Name Generation

Engagement Planning

We are strong believers that if you entice, educate, and entertain you will engage. We look for a path that cuts through the noise and then finds a meaningful connection to your audience on a personal level, engaging and encouraging them to interact with your brand.

Engagement can be as easy getting someone to follow your brand on Instagram or as complex as assembling a cross-country road tour with street teams and multi-channel social presence. Planning out the right touchpoints to reach your audience will encourage a deeper brand connection. People are more engaged with a brand that they can identify and empathize with.  As technology advances the way audiences interact with brands we embrace exploring the evolution.

+ Campaign Development

+ Online Media Management

+ Media Buying & Placement

+ Event Marketing & Activation

Social Content Planning

+ Social Management

Creative Execution

Our practice of spending equal time on ideation and execution has served our clients well. Whether designing a packaging concept or providing creative direction for an online giant, we rely on a strong strategic foundation to inform our decisions and drive the aesthetic. The strategy behind the messaging, imagery, and placement of a logo are carefully planned out to ensure that the creative is working the hardest for your brand. Crafting the right message is equally as important as using the right channels for communication.

+ Environment & Retail Design

+ In-Store Navigation & Windows

+ Collateral & Sales Tools

+ POS & POP Displays

+ Package Design

+ Website Design & Development

+ Internal Communications

+ Collateral & Sales Tools

+ Video, Broadcast & Radio

+ Advertising Campaign Execution

Our Case Studies

Digital marketing campaign for Bissell Bark Bath


We utilized a specific breed of influencer to increase awareness and fetch new customers.

Diocese of Grand Rapids school enrollment marketing campaign

Grand Rapids Diocese

We amplified traditional methods to ensure we had more kids in attendance on the first day of school.

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

By optimizing the built-in targeting capabilities of specific social channels we reached the right candidates.

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