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Our Full Attention

01. The Client

BISSELL Business Ventures

For 140 years BISSELL has been crafting premium cleaning appliances to make the messes in your life easier to clean. As a family-owned business, BISSELL prides themselves on knowing family and knowing that family means those with four legs as well. This is why they created the BISSELL BARKBATH™, an all-in-one dog grooming system. Since the early days of advertising, puppies and pets have always been used to sell products, but we took a more contemporary approach based on our findings.

The Ask

Increase sales and product brand awareness for the BISSELL BARKBATH™.

The Objective

To meet or exceed the cost per acquisition (CPA) goal of the BISSELL BARKBATH™ during the fourth quarter throughout the holiday shopping season.

Our Strategy

After extensive research and strategy sessions, online platforms and mediums were chosen to best relay the BARKBATH™ campaign messages. Digital ads, video ads, and influencers on social channels were all used to gain results for the BARKBATH™ campaign.

02. Our Actions

Online campaigns were initiated through behavioral data, multiple streaming platforms, and select pet influencers throughout the campaign’s lifetime.

What is an influencer- social influencers have the ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviors, and drive measurable outcomes online. Social influencers have spent time and effort building a loyal following on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Bissell Bark Bath instagram dog influencers
BISSELL BARK BATH streaming dogs videos

03. Our Results

Through the behavioral online advertising campaign, OFA decreased the CPA by over 25%. Once the dog influencer campaigns were launched, the engagement rate was 5% higher than average rates.


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