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01. The Client

Diocese of Grand Rapids

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Grand Rapids are an alliance of 30 vibrant learning communities serving more than 6,600 elementary and high school students within a seven-county area of West Michigan. Over the past few years, the Diocese of Grand Rapids has launched the Catholic Schools 4 U campaign to increase enrollment at the 30 schools. Five online campaigns were created through online technologies to help with the enrollment goals.

The Ask

Traditional media and social channels were already in use, OFA was to bring a fresh, new alternative to the current campaign mediums.

The Objective

To increase school enrollment within the Diocese of Grand Rapids.

Our Strategy

In conjunction with Direct Mail campaign, OFA implemented an IP Targeting campaign that targeted the same physical addresses as the direct mail was delivered to. Online users in these households were shown online ads 5 days prior and 5 days after they received the direct mail piece. In a short period of time, these vetted, known to have interest consumers, were targeted with messaging through high impact mediums in their homes.

02. Our Actions

The implementation of IP Targeting allowed us to match physical addresses to IP addresses with extreme precision through offline data, onboarding capabilities, and one-to-one marketing technology.  IP Targeting can hone in on your proper target market, one household at a time.

Grand Rapids Diocese catholic school mobile display ads
Diocese of Grand Rapids Catholic school enrollment digital display ad
Grand Rapids Diocese Catholic Schools

03. Our Results

Over the course of the 10-week campaign, the IP targeting assisted in increasing enrollment by 18%.


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